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Double-sided Flashing LED Multi-Color Light-Saber Sword - Wholesale lot of 6 sets
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Double-sided Flashing LED Multi-Color Light-Saber Sword - Wholesale lot of 6 sets

  • 6 animated flashing modes. LED Lights: 7 Red, 7 Blue, 7 Green in each half - 42 total
  • Two halves twist-lock together - can be used independently
  • Push-button switch on each half - Press to cycle through the 6 modes, then off
  • Diameter: 1" sword; 1 5/8 max at handle; Total Length: 52"; Weight: 7.7 oz (with batteries)
  • Batteries: 3x AA batteries in each half (included)
Item SKU:LEDSwrdLtsbDbl_06
Brand:Flashing Panda
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Wholesale lot of 6 sets (one inner). Also available individually.

Cool and amazing!

Flashing Panda's Double Light Saber sword is over four feet long, with blinking multi-colored LED lights inside the mate-white tube. Lights shimmer when you swing the sword with a choice of six animated modes. Great asset for your roll-playing games and parties. A favorite at raves, concerts and parties. Kids and adults go nuts over these.

Help defend peace in the universe with these Multicolor Lightsabers! Use these Lightsabers to enhance a galaxy defender costume. Not only great for protecting the force, these Swords create massive illumination! There are three settings for the Flashing LED Lights, activated by pressing the button on the handle. Multicolor Lightsabers make great gifts, costume additions and party favors!

Great for:

  • Role playing / Martial arts games
  • Raves - Spin this sword around for amazing effects.
  • Concerts
  • Fireworks shows
  • Any night-time events
  • (Not intended for combat. Ages 3+)

Light-up Modes (Multi-Color Model):

Press the power button on either half to turn the sword on. Press again to go to next mode, etc. Keep pressing to go through all modes, then turn off. Each half is controlled separately and can be used individually, or interlocked.

  1. Fast multi-color flashing
  2. Slow, gradual color changing
  3. Solid multi-color
  4. Red flashing
  5. Blue flashing
  6. Green flashing

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