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9 LED 385nm UV (Ultra-Violet Black Light) 3 x AAA Torch Flashlight
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9 LED 385nm UV (Ultra-Violet Black Light) 3 x AAA Torch Flashlight

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    Not all UV lED's are the same. At 385 nM, this UV LED flashlight is the professional version of our 395 nM UV flashlights. UV reactive materials will frouress multiple times brighter under the 385 nM light compared to 395 nM light. Commonly used for checking credit cards, currency, passports and ID, criminology, mineralogy, archeology, chemical probe testing, reading security inks, document checking, biology, medical applications, chemistry, checking antiques and glass, etc.

    As forgers and counterfeiters become more sophisticated, officials are finding new ways to create fraudulent-resistant documents. One of the most effective methods is to imprint hidden ink which is extremely difficult to reproduce and is only detectable by using ultraviolet light. Use this flashlight to check currency and identification. All states will soon incorporate such images in their driver's licenses. They are also used on credit cards, vehicle registration cards, currencies, checks, and other important documents.

    Ultraviolet light is also used by medical examiners and forensics to quickly detect the presence of proteins at crime scenes.


    • Durable Aluminum body
    • LED bulbs have an extremely long life and are unbreakable
    • Waterproof, Shockproof
    • Strong in UV light
    • Power: 3 x AAA Batteries (provide more than 20 hours of run time,) sold separately


    • Bulb Type: Longwave UV LED, 380-385 nM
    • Bulb Life: 100,000 Hours
    • Body Material: Aluminum with “O” rings for water resistance
    • Power Source: Requires 3 x AAA Batteries (sold separately)
    • Battery Life: Approximately 40 hours
    • Switch Type: Press on, Press off on rear cap
    • Weight: 2 oz.
    • Head Diameter: 1.2” 31 mm
    • Body Diameter: 1.08” or 27.5 mm
    • Length: 3.8” or 94.2 mm

    Advantages of LED:

    • Bulbs last up to 100,000 hours (or about ten years)
    • Withstand shock, vibrations, frequent switching and temperature extremes
    • Reduction of maintenance costs
    • Decrease of battery consumption by up to 90%
    • No heat generation

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