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Light up your party or your bar with these LED Light-Up flashing drink cups and other barware!

About Capacity:

Cup capacity is not guaranteed to be exact. If it is critical for your application, please purchase one first to test out. Also, it can change between batches and we may not notice the slight change. Initially, we did NOT measure to the rim.

About Quality:

Please keep in mind that these are low cost "novelty" items. For the price of a single glass cup you get the cup, electronics, LED bulbs and usually three batteries. Also, cups are plastic and scratch easily. Please do not use abrasive pads to wash the cup.

Dud Rate:

Sometimes the button will get "stale" from storage and pressing it a bunch of times repeatedly will get the cup to work. This should take care of about half of the apparent duds.

In some cases, batteries may start to leak. This should not make up more then a few percent of the batch. In most cases, removing the batteries and wiping them clean on something abrasive, like on denim, will fix the corrosion issue for the few cups which are still dead after exercising the button.

On a rare occasion the cup will end up turned on and the batteries will drain.

It is very rare for the cup to actually be defective.

There are some barware manufacturers that produce higher quality cups, but those cost double, and few of our customers are willing to pay that. At some point we may start to offer a premium cup selection as an alternative.

Custom Imprinting:

We offer imprinting on all of our barware. We do this in-house and can offer fast turn-around time and low minimums of just one case. Please see the Custom Imprinting category for details. Imprint area is roughly 1.5" circle. Imprint is single color. We will post some photos of the work we have done so far soon.

Looking to purchase in bulk?

All cups can be purchased in small lots of two dozen or by the case in the Barware Wholesale category