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Burning Man

OK, so, I'm a burner, and I sell a lot of my products to burners, and half of the blinkie and LED stuff that I carry is highly appropriate for the Black Rock City, so, it was only logical to create this special category, specifically to showcase Burning Man appropriate gear.

Here you will find LED flashlights of all kinds: little keychain flashlights in all colors; clip lights that will clip onto your clothing, your belt, your hat, your bike, etc.; head flashlights; LED light bulbs to come soon; as well as larger flashlights.

Here you will also find blinkie stuff, such as playa cups, flashing beer mugs, flashing hair braids, flashing pendants, fans, etc.

Are you afraid that it may be to late for you to receive in time for the burn? Worry not, and save on shipping: pick up your fully paid for order at BRC. I'll be located near the center camp with the Burning Silicon Collective. Simply put "BRC pickup" in the order comments, and select Will Call as your shipping method. I should be arriving on the playa Friday night on the 25th. I will be on the corner of 6:40 and Second Chance in the Burning Silicon Collective camp.

Deadline for placing orders to be picked up at BRC: End of day Thursday the 24th!

Got questions? Email or call, contact info on the navigation bar at the top.

You may also want to check out our Wholesale Lots category if you'd like to get an item in bulk to give away on the playa. Also, don't forget about spare batteries!