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Custom Imprinting, Branding, Promotional

We are offering single-color imprinting on all of our barware, tear-drop and slide-switch key-chains, and many toys, including fans, Patrol Wand, etc. We will post images of what we have imprinted so far soon.

  • Artwork and Graphic design services:
    You will need to provide print ready high resolution single color artwork, (unless your imprint is simple straight text.) We can provide a Photoshop template for more elaborate items, such as our keychains.
    If you are not able to provide us with your digital artwork ready for print, we can offer you light graphic design services at a low hourly rate of $60. This is NOT to design a logo for you, but to clean up artwork, add text, etc.
  • Imprint Color:
    Imprints are single color. Colors in stock are: Black, White, Scarlet Red, and Blue. Other colors can be obtained for a $30 one time stocking surcharge and will take an extra 7 days processing time. Simply select the desired color from the dropdown when purchasing the imprint.
  • Setup (plate making) fee:
    $40 covers the one-time plate making for your artwork. This plate can be later used again and again for re-orders. Provided the artwork dimensions permit, it can even be used to imprint a variety of products.
    Reprinting from existing artwork: $15 setup fee. This fee also applies to changing color mid-run.
  • Product cost:
    You will simply purchase the product from our Wholesale Lots category, at the standard wholesale rates, depending on your quantity.
  • Per-unit per-location imprint fees:
    4 dozen (48) units or more - $0.50 each impression
    8 dozen (96) units or more - $0.45 each impression
    20 dozen (240) units or more - $0.40 each impression
    40 dozen (480) units or more - $0.30 each impression
    80 dozen (960) units or more - $0.25 each impression
    Imprint is single color, single location. There is a 48 unit minimum per item. You can combine multiple items into a single run for quantity impression pricing.
  • Turn around time is 2 weeks, but your order may be done in as few as three days.
  • Please note that product availability for larger quanities may be as long as 2 weeks, (longer if the item needs to be manufactured, or is in the process of being shipped from China.)

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