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Flashing Panda 6-function Red 5 LED Bike / Jogging Safety Flasher Light
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Flashing Panda 6-function Red 5 LED Bike / Jogging Safety Flasher Light

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    Flashing Pandas safety light offers high quality and performance at an unbelievably low cost. Use it on your bike, wear it on your belt like a pager or on your arm (with the included arm band) while jogging or walking. Clip it to the stroller, or to your dog's collar. Can also be used as a warning light on the door, etc. Comes with a pager clip and bike quick release attachment. Uses 2 x AAA batteries (included). Features 5 red LED lights and 6 modes of operation. The unit is water-resistant. Uses: Jogging; Walking; Bike safety tail light; Stroller safety light; Stationary safety light: canopies, tents, pathways, etc.


    • 5 Red LED Light Array
    • Attachable via:
      • Belt clip (wear as a pager while jogging)
      • Bicycle clamp - The unit clips on and off easily.
      • Elastic arm band - included
    • 6 Function Display:
      • Solid On
      • Fast Flashing
      • Slow Flashing
      • 3-Step Center to Outside running
      • Slow caution flash
      • Fast caution flash
    • Compact design - The size of a pager
    • Bright LED array provides very long battery burn time - over 200 hours!
    • Unbreakable LED Bulbs - unlike a traditional bulbs, these won't break from shock
    • LED Bulbs need no replacing - rated for 100,000 hours lifecycle!
    • Uses two AAA batteries


    • Dimensions: 3.5" x 2.5" or smaller
    • Weight: 1.5 oz or less
    • Light Array: 5 Bright Red LEDs
    • Power: Uses AAA batteries
    • Visibility: about one mile
    • Battery life: over 200 hours.
    • LED bulb life: 100,000 hours rated lifecycle

    Why LED?

    • Lasts up to 100,000 hours (or about ten years)
    • Withstands shock, vibrations, frequent switching and temperature extremes that rapidly incapacitate fragile incandescent lamps
    • Major reduction of maintenance costs
    • Very long battery life
    • Decrease of battery costs by as much as 90%
    • No heat generation

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