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Flashlight Holster - Fits 17 to 21 LED Torch
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Flashlight Holster - Fits 17 to 21 LED Torch

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    This heavy duty nylon Holster will fit most 17 to 21 LED Flashlights or flashlights up to 1-1/8" diameter. It is made from heavy duty nylon with heavy duty Velcro to keep the flashlight securely in the holster. The holster can be put onto the belt without undoing the belt buckle. Velcro keeps the holster snug on belts of any size. Metal snap keeps holster secure on the belt. This holster is open on the bottom, allowing for any length flashlight.

    • Max flashlight diameter: 1 1/8" (or it will not fit)
    • Max flashlight total length: Unlimited
    • Min head diameter: 1 3/8" (or it will fall through)
    • Max head height: 1 3/4" (or the Velcro strap will not close)

    Flashlight sold separately!

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