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Flashlight Holster - Fits  9 to 14 LED Torch
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Flashlight Holster - Fits 9 to 14 LED Torch

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    This small heavy duty nylon Holster will fit most 9 to 14 LED Flashlights, or flashlights up to 1-1/8" diameter. It is made from heavy duty nylon with heavy duty Velcro to securely hold the flashlight in the holster. This holster is fully enclosed all around and on bottom.

    • Max flashlight diameter: 1 3/8" (or it will not fit)
    • Max flashlight total length: 4" (or Velcro will not close)
    • Min flashlight total length: 3 1/3" (or you will have to go fishing for it)

    Flashlight sold separately!

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