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LED Flashing Clown Fish (Like Nemo) Bubble Gun with bubble solution, Opaque Blue
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LED Flashing Clown Fish (Like Nemo) Bubble Gun with bubble solution, Opaque Blue

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    This has been one of the hottest sellers at events! A toy clown fish (Nemo) shaped gun that shoots bubbles and flashes bright at night with multi-color LED lights. Just screw in the bubble solution bottle and enjoy hours of fun. Bubble solution can be easily refilled, and the batteries are easily replaceable.  Blast off into the deep ocean with this adorable clown fish bubble gun. Light Up Bubble Guns are an incredibly fun, day or night. The clown fish will glow and  emit a bright red, green, and blue light when you pull the trigger. Comes in opaque or transluscent body, orange or blue color.

    A great Gift Idea! These bubble guns make great gifts for kids and adults alike!

    • Picnics
    • Pool Parties
    • Raves
    • Birthday Parties
    • Fireworks
    • Evening Picnics and Barbecues


    • High quality durable hard plastic
    • Powerful color LED lights light the whole gun up
    • Comes with 3 AA batteries, installed
    • Batteries are replaceable
    • Bubble solution is refillable

    Mix and match our Raver Bling and SAVE
    With combined Shipping & Handling!

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