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LED Flashing Pacifier Binkie Raver Pendant Necklace, Soft style
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LED Flashing Pacifier Binkie Raver Pendant Necklace, Soft style

  • Soft nipple raver binkie - Not intended for children
  • Simple push-button on/off switch on the back
  • Assorted body colors, Multi-Color LED lights!
  • Bright enough to illuminate a small dark room
  • Warning: Not suitable for small children
Item SKU:ofj_pnd_pac2
Brand:Flashing Panda
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First we brought you the Infinity Tunnel Necklace Infinity Tunnel Necklace, and now we bring you this super cool LED Flashing Soft Pacifier Necklace! This is a deluxe item because unlike the standard Pacifier necklace, this comes in a soft pacifier that you can bite on and have loads of fun with.  Be the coolest of the party with this obnoxiously bright binkie! What a trip! Flashes brightly with multi-color lights on your chest.

A great Gift Idea! These pendants make great favors for any party or event. If you're looking for a really cool party favor, look no further!

  • Concerts - Stand out, Be cool
  • Birthday Parties
  • Raves
  • Camping Outings - Be seen
  • Evening Picnics and Barbecues
  • New Year celebrations
  • Special events
  • Trade Shows
  • Other Night-Time Events

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