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LED Light-Up 32" 8-Section Gift-Boxed Multi-Color Flashing Child Twist Hoop, Bulk Lot of 12 Hoops
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LED Light-Up 32" 8-Section Gift-Boxed Multi-Color Flashing Child Twist Hoop, Bulk Lot of 12 Hoops

  • 32" in diameter - (Suitable for young children and some slender adults)
  • 4 of the 8 sections light up with Blue & Red LED lights
  • Made of light weight flexible plastic
  • Weighs just over half lb.
  • 4 sections powered by 3 x AG13 replaceable batteries each
Item SKU:LEDHoop32_012
Brand:Flashing Panda
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The item you have requested is out of stock. We are sorry for the inconvinience.

This is a Bulk Lot of 12 Hoops.


Looking for a great, fun starter hoop for your child? Well check out Flashing Panda's new 32" super light weight, fun LED light-up hoop! It's like a Hula Hoop, but with colorful flashing LED lights! 32" diameter and significantly lighter in weight, making it ideal from small children. It comes in a nice gift box in 8 sections. Every other section lights up, having it's own switch and powered by three AG13 (LR44) button-cell batteries (per section). These hoops make a great gift for kids of all ages. If you're looking for a really cool gift, look no further!

Hooping is the newest incarnation of a constantly evolving art form. Most people inaccurately believe that the hoop was invented in the 50’s. In actuality, the hoop has been around for centuries, even dated back to ancient Egypt! The freshest translation of the hoop more purely resembles a dance form than the “trick” based activity of the past. You are more likely to see this style in a break dancing circle than on the school-yard, with adults spinning the hoop with the fervor of child aficionados in earlier days!

There are so many different ways that people enjoy the hoop. Meditation, yoga, performance art, dance, exercise, sensual awakener, business and probably many more that I don’t even now about! The hoop is like a blank canvas in which you can express and create whatever you wish!

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