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Litecubes® Flashing LED Freezable Icecubes / Rocks - tray of 2 dozen cubes
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Litecubes® Flashing LED Freezable Icecubes / Rocks - tray of 2 dozen cubes

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    Full tray of two dozen (24) Litecubes® Flashing LED Freezable Ice Cubes


    First there were party drinks, then there were body lights (blinkies), now we bring you these amazingly cool Litecubes® brand premium flashing ice cubes, (part of our Light-Up Barware collection,) the ultimate light-up party and bar favor! Imagine holding a drink in your hand, any drink, where the rocks in the glass light up with many colorful lights!

    These light-up rocks can be locked in one of 8 solid colors, or left in the rainbow mode, where the ice cube slowly changes through the rainbow of colors. Batteries are not replaceable. If left on continuously, the batteries will last 15 to 20 hours. If not used continuously, the batteries will likely last even longer.

    • Cocktail shaker? Check.
    • Swizzle sticks? Check.
    • Glowing ice cubes? Huh?

    Now you can impress friends at your party by putting these LED Rocks in their cocktails!

    These decorative Rocks create dazzling effects when immersed in a drink. Each LED Ice Cube is about one cubic inch and is made of a high quality, safe, FDA approved, clear acrylic. They look like real ice cubes and can be used like real ice cubes by freezing them in your freezer. The non-toxic freezable gel inside the cubes will keep your drinks cool.

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    A great Gift Idea!

    These super-cool LED rocks (Ice Cubes) make great gifts for any occasion or party goer. If you're looking for a really cool gift or party favor for your event, look no further!

    • Company Parties
    • Weddings
    • Birthday Parties
    • Bachelor Parties
    • Cocktail Parties
    • Pool Parties
    • New Year's celebrations
    • Special events
    • Bars
    • Night Concerts
    • Raves
    • Burning Man festival

    Cube Colors:

    • Multi-Color (7 modes, including a rainbow mode)
    • White
    • Pink
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Yellow
    • Red
    • Purlple
    • Orange


    • Simple push-button on/off mode selection switch
    • RAINBOW MODE (multi-color cube)
    • Can also be locked in one of the 6 solid colors  (multi-color cube)
    • Litecubes brand - premium quality
    • Made of high quality FDA approved clear acrylic
    • Over 20 hours battery life
    • Batteries are not replaceable

    Put these in your cocktails, punch bowls, pool, hot tub, dessert, fountain,
    pond, bath tub... Great for your home bar, pool party, club, etc.

    Hand wash with hot, soapy water before using. Not dishwasher safe. Freeze if desired. When used intermittently, LED ice cubes provide more than 20 hours of fun.


    • Brand: Litecubes®
    • Height: 1 1/2" (38 mm)
    • Width: 1 1/4" (32 mm)
    • Weight: 0.08 lb
    • Flashing Color Modes: 6 solid + rainbow (multi-color cube)
    • Material: FDA approved acrylic
    • Filled with freezable jell
    • Water proof
    • Battery life: around 20 hours
    • Batteries: not replaceable

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